Our experts at Floor Coverings International® of Avon Lake are often asked to recommend a flooring style for Avon Lake basements. This can be a difficult task since moisture in basements can vary considerably, even between homes that are next door to one another. That being said, here are two options that might work well in your home.


Carpet Tile

carpet tile in Avon Lake

Few would argue that carpet is one of the most comfortable flooring options available. The problem is, many types of carpet don’t perform well in basements. Broadloom carpeting can trap moisture, especially if it has long pile. Carpet tiles, however, are better suited for basements.


There’s a considerable variety of carpet tiles that are both stylish and able to withstand the moderate level of humidity found in many basements. Plus, you can combine different colors and styles to create a unique look that you’ll love.


Furthermore, carpet tile can be installed to allow for easy removal. So, if your basement floods or your water heater breaks, you’ll be able to salvage your flooring and allow your subfloor to dry more easily. The ability to remove tiles is also great for basements where foot traffic tends to be limited to certain spots because you can replace the worn tiles individually without having to replace the entire carpet.


Luxury Vinyl

luxury viny plank in Avon Lake basement

Luxury Vinyl is also a stylish, comfortable, and waterproof option for basements with higher levels of moisture. Both luxury vinyl tile and planks are available in a wide variety of choices including natural stone and wood-looks.

Like carpet tile, you can use different luxury vinyl tile and planks to create a look that fits the character of your basement. And, luxury vinyl is easy to clean and stain resistant. This makes it great for basements that double as home theatres, where drinks and snacks tend to find their way onto the floor.


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