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Your floor is a major player in determining the look and feel of your home, and this can make shopping for a new floor feel daunting. With the extensive options available on the market, how do you know what color would be best for your space? Luckily there are a few keys in color theory that apply well in terms of flooring. Read on to learn how to use this theory to pick the perfect floor from the experts at Floor Coverings International® of Avon Lake.

What Is Color Theory?

Color theory informs the design of color schemes using Isaac Newton’s color wheel. It aims at achieving aesthetic appeal and the communication of design messages on a visual and psychological level.

3 Color Theory Keys

#1 – Color And Space

One of the most common design tricks is using color to manipulate the visual perception of space. If you have a smaller room, lighter flooring colors will make it feel larger. This is because light colors are more reflective, which creates the illusion of space to the eye.

#2 – Keep Color Cohesive

Often one of the best ways to decide on a flooring color is to reference the colors that already exist in your home. If you have floors that you are not intending to replace, it’s best to choose a color that either matches or compliments them. Drastically varying the flooring colors throughout the home can make it feel disjointed.

#3 – Color Influences Color

An important thing to keep in mind when you have selected your flooring color is the way its surroundings will affect it. For example, say you chose a white hardwood, and install it in a room with a warm burnt orange wall. This will pull pink tones from the wood that you may not have perceived in the showroom. On the other hand, if you have a navy blue wall, the wood will pull neutral or cool tones from the wood.

This is because the colors in our surroundings influence our visual perception of color. That’s why at Floor Coverings International® of Avon Lake we think it’s important to view flooring samples in the room that they will be installed in.

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