Faux Ceiling Beams in Avon Lake

At Floor Coverings International® of Avon Lake, we often mention how much we love the timeless appeal of hardwood floors. While it is true that hardwood flooring can bring a classic touch to homes throughout Westlake, Avon Lake, & Avon, OH,Bay Village, Rocky River, Olmstead Falls, hardwood can also be used to make much more bold statements. If you are planning your next home project and are looking to doing something creative, something unique, something grand… read on to hear some of our recommendations.

Gray-Stained Hardwood in Avon Lake

Staining hardwood is a pretty common practice that can elevate the look of your desired hardwood. While most homeowners opt for shades of yellow, tan, and brown, staining with gray creates a distinguished look that is certainly unique. We have found that gray-stained hardwoods work really well in creating minimalist aesthetics or creating a bright and airy feel. Certain hardwoods work better for gray stains, so be sure to meet with a Floor Coverings International® of Avon Lake expert to discover all of your options.

High Contrast Hardwoods

Not into the gray look? Not a problem! Another daring design option is to bring in high contrasting elements in your home or office space. You could use dark hardwoods in kitchens with white cabinets. Or maybe try lighter hardwoods in a living room with black furniture. Your options are limitless, but the trick here is to emphasize the stark contrasts in order to create that high-end look.Herringbone Pattern Hardwood Floors in Avon Lake

Herringbone Pattern

Another really fun way to bring a personal touch to your home design is to play with installation patterns. One of our favorites for Avon Lake homes is the herringbone pattern. To achieve this look, hardwood planks are cut at an angle and laid in a geometric pattern to match the angles. The finished project is an exceptional floor that looks elegant and artistic. Because installing a herringbone floor is so complicated, we at Floor Coverings International® of Avon Lake always recommend getting professional installation.

More Than Just the Floor

To really take your design to the next level, use hardwoods throughout your home or office space. Finding wood furniture in a similar style can make your office feel cohesive and professionally designed. Adding matching faux ceiling beams (like in the home seen above) can elevate your home to a whole new level of sophistication. Coordinating your cabinets can bring balance to your overall kitchen design.

Get Started in Avon Lake!

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