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When trying to decide when you should have your new hardwood installed, you’ve probably considered quite a few scheduling factors like your availability from work or the impact it might have on your daily home routine. One thing you may not have considered however, is the time of year. In fact, the weather season is surprisingly important to the success of your new hardwood installation and should be a key factor in deciding when to bring new hardwood into your home.

Not too wet, not too dry

The biggest consideration for the success of a hardwood installation, and the reason why season matters, is the humidity levels in your home. You don’t want the air to be too moisture-rich, which can cause swelling and warping of wood planks or too dry, which can lead to cracking. The goal for good installation conditions is to have an environment of moisture equilibrium for your hardwood so that the new planks aren’t losing or gaining any moisture when they are installed in your home.

The most optimal time of year to install new hardwood flooring is in the early fall because it lacks the humidity of spring and summer but isn’t plagued with the dryness of winter. It is these conditions which make it the most suitable season for any new hardwood installation. In seasons other than fall, or when the moisture environment in your home may be more extreme, your installers will likely recommend a period of acclimation for the hardwood.

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Acclimating your floors in off-seasons

Acclimating new hardwood is not always necessary, especially if installed in an optimal season such as early fall. However, depending on the species of wood and your weather conditions, it might be recommended by your installer that you acclimate your new hardwood to your home before installation.

Essentially, this means you will want to slowly adjust your planks to your home in small increments to keep them at a moisture equilibrium. Usually installers will wait a few days before applying a finish to the planks and will also monitor your hardwood’s moisture levels throughout the process.

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