At Floor Coverings International Cleveland West we love true hardwood, the original pioneer’s flooring of choice. While hardwood is often a statement on its own, we know homeowners in the greater Avon Lake area need more than flooring alone to create the cozy ambiance they want to come home to everyday. Furniture, curtains, rugs and other essentials will help to define the feel of a room. Hardwood flooring offers a lot of opportunity for customization, so let’s dive right in and discuss some tips for pairing household items with hardwood floors!

Cleveland West hardwood furniture

Managing Older Flooring

If you’ve just moved in and aren’t sure what to do with your old hardwood floors, we know just the ticket. To draw the eye upward from unsightly older flooring, try the placement of brightly colored furniture to keep that sense of flowing energy. By artfully furnishing a room with cheerful chairs, desks or tables, you can focus attention on the most vibrant things in the room. This works particularly well if the flooring is a shade darker.

Color Contrast

This tip is straightforward: for light-colored floors, accent with dark furniture and vice versa. If you are concerned about the abruptness of color transition between floor and furniture, try carefully placing intermediary rugs with more neutral colors. This can soften the transition so that it isn’t quite as stark.

Wide and Narrow

Wide-plank hardwood flooring tends to draw the eye and fill up visual space. For this reason it causes a room to appear larger and more spacious. This can offset tightness in a room containing lots of furniture. Likewise, for large rooms in need of a cozier feel, narrow planks can do the trick.

Cleveland West hardwood furnitureDiversity

An old decoration standard holds that similar wood tones go together. However, we believe the layering of wood pieces with different colors creates a rich, natural feeling. In fact, for a striking decorative touch, consider more modern-looking items for a hardwood-floored room. Stainless steel refrigerators and kitchen stools can make for an exciting contrast.

Let Us Help!

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