Clean Hardwood Floors - FCI Cleveland WestChoosing hardwood floors is a big yet worthy investment for your home. Incorporating hardwood throughout your home adds an element of elegance. The benefits of this material can quickly be undone however if they are not properly cared for. We understand life at home is busier these days so your floors may experience more traffic, spills, and scuffs than usual. At Floor Coverings International® of Avon Lake, we offer solutions to help protect the floors in your Westlake home. If you’re a homeowner with hardwood floors, we recommend these great flooring tips.


If you treat your hardwood floors well and work to regularly maintain them, the quality of the beautiful floors will last for years to come. Here are some best practices for increasing the longevity of this precious flooring option.

  • Do clean up any messes or spills right away to avoid saturating the floors.
  • Wear socks, slippers, or shoes that will not damage your floors as you roam around.
  • Do sweep hardwood floors often to remove any dust, dirt, or debris.
  • Use gentle cleaning supplies such as vacuums or brooms with soft bristles, and use cleaning solutions specifically made for hardwood flooring.

Damaged Hardwood - FCI Cleveland West


Though hardwood floors are known for their durability, this material can still succumb to wear and tear. This is especially the case if you fail to make time to care for your floors. Be sure to avoid the following mistakes that speed up the aging process and quickly leave your floors looking battered.

  • Don’t avoid frequently trimming the claws of your pets to minimize scratches.
  • Don’t leave your floors constantly exposed to harsh UV rays from sunshine.
  • Don’t leave your floors bare. Place welcome mats, furniture pads, and area rugs wherever necessary to reduce scuffing and damage to the floors.
  • Don’t clean your hardwood floors with corrosive chemicals meant for other types of flooring.
  • Don’t heavily dampen your floors and be sure to use just the right amount of water when cleaning.

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