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Choosing the Perfect Hardwood Color for Your Home

Hardwood naturally spans a variety of shades. While this means you can find the perfect hardwood color to match practically any home decor, it can be daunting to settle on a specific shade when you have so many options. Floor Coverings International Cleveland West is happy to guide you through some main color groupings and the mood they create, so…
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Trendy Flooring Ideas for Your Kitchen

The ideal flooring for your kitchen should be waterproof and easy to clean, as well as comfortable underfoot and visually appealing. The kitchen is an area where you’ll spend a lot of time on your feet, so be sure to test out which styles you like most! The kitchen is also one of the gathering…
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4 Creative Ways to Use Hardwood in Avon Lake

At Floor Coverings International Cleveland West, we often mention how much we love the timeless appeal of hardwood floors. While it is true that hardwood flooring can bring a classic touch to homes throughout Westlake, Avon Lake, & Avon, OH, hardwood can also be used to make much more bold statements. If you are planning your next home project and are looking to doing…
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Pairing Furniture and Hardwood In Your Home

At Floor Coverings International Cleveland West we love true hardwood, the original pioneer’s flooring of choice. While hardwood is often a statement on its own, we know homeowners in the greater Avon Lake area need more than flooring alone to create the cozy ambiance they want to come home to everyday. Furniture, curtains, rugs and…
3 Ways to Protect Your Hardwood From Water Damage Floor Coverings International Cleveland West

3 Ways to Protect Your Hardwood From Water Damage

Are you considering hardwood flooring for your Avon Lake home, but are concerned about potential water damage? If so, then Floor Coverings International Cleveland West is here to help. We’ve compiled three of the best ways to protect your hardwood flooring from water damage. And the great news is, these tips are easy to implement! Utilize Mats One of…
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Hardwood vs. Carpet Infographic

Still deciding whether to go with carpet or hardwood for your Avon Lake home? It's a tough decision, but don't worry. The team at Floor Coverings International Cleveland West is here to help! Photo © Artazum
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3 Durable Alternatives to Hardwood Flooring

There’s no question that hardwood floors add a unique elegance to a home. However, some homeowners still have reservations about hardwood due to its infamous upkeep and hefty price tag. Scratches and dents can seem inevitable and you probably know the feeling if you have kids or pets. Luckily, there are countless ways to achieve…
Stone Tile Floors for Kitchen Avon Lake

Trends to Try in Avon Lake

Whether you are replacing an outdated floor or installing floors in a new home, you might wonder which flooring materials are trending, timeless, or outdated. At Floor Coverings International Cleveland West, we stay on top of each option available so you can get the most value from your floors. Take a look at these top flooring trends to try…
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Red Oak vs. White Oak: What’s the Difference?

Did you know that red oak is the most popular species of hardwood for flooring in the United States? Homeowners choose this beautiful material because it’s durable and it looks great – but surprisingly, many of the people who love red oak don’t realize that it has a cousin that’s just as good (and in…
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Infographic: How Hard Is Hardwood?

At Floor Coverings International Cleveland West, we often reference the Janka Hardness Scale when we're talking about hardwood floors. It's an incredibly useful tool for figuring out what kind of wood is right for your home in the greater Westlake, Avon Lake, & Avon, OH area. And whether you're a seasoned hardwood professional or brand new to the world of hardwood flooring, this infographic will…