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There’s no better feeling than coming home to your happy pets after a long day’s work. It’s no secret though that our fur friends can make maintaining a tidy home difficult. Pets have accidents and if not treated properly, can lead to long-lasting damage on your beautiful floors. At Floor Coverings International Cleveland West, we offer flooring solutions to help you pet-proof your home. If you’re a pet owner in Westlake, we recommend these great flooring options.

1. Cork

That’s right, this sustainable flooring option protects well against your pets! Cork is naturally antimicrobial. When it comes to spills or pet accidents, your cork floors will naturally reduce the growth of any bacteria, mold, and is even hypoallergenic. Be sure to clean any accidents right away to ward off stains. Cork also adds soundproofing to your space and will minimize the sound of your happy pets racing around.

2. BambooBamboo and Bamboo Floor - Floor Coverings International Cleveland West-Westlake

Bamboo is another great eco-friendly and pet-friendly flooring choice. Whereas traditional hardwood flooring is easily stained and damaged, bamboo is sturdy and more scratch-resistant. Keep your pet’s nails trimmed to further prevent unwanted scuffs.

3. Vinyl

Selecting vinyl floors is always a great option for high traffic areas in your home. Consider installing vinyl at entryways where your pet will frequently come in and out of the house. Vinyl is popular among pet owners because of its easy maintenance. Any pet accidents or spills they may cause are easily cleaned. When cared for properly, your vinyl floors will last a long time.Clean vinyl tile - floor coverings international cleveland west-westlake

4. Luxury Vinyl

This vinyl flooring alternative has the benefit of high quality and easy maintenance. Luxury Vinyl Flooring is waterproof, protects against scuffs, and looks attractive in any room. Due to the imaging technology, you can accomplish the look of real hardwood without worrying your pets will damage it.

5. Pet Carpet

If a softer feel beneath your feet is what you’re after, there’s no need to be afraid of installing carpet flooring with pets around. Thanks to our partnership with STAINMASTER®, we can offer you carpeting that protects against dirt, is durable and will resist any pet messes or stains.Dog on carpet - stainmaster-floor coverings international cleveland west-westlake

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It’s time to care for your floors as much as your care for your pets. Contact us to schedule your free in-home consultation appointment. We proudly serve pet-owners in the Westlake, Avon Lake, & Avon, OH areas.

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