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Carpet pile refers to the height, density, and cut of the fibers used to make up carpet flooring. Most consumers don’t realize the level of variation that exists among carpet piles, but it is very important to consider when making a carpet decision based on the needs of your home. We will explain how pile’s height, density, and cut all change the function and appearance of carpet and how to choose the best type for your Avon Lake home.


Carpets are typically classified as either “low pile”, “medium pile,” or “high pile”. The main difference between these classifications is their level of softness and how easy it is to clean them. Low pile carpet isn’t as soft as the others, but is very easy to clean. This style of carpet is most often seen in airports or offices because it can withstand significant high traffic without appearing worn or dirty. Longer piles produce soft and comfortable carpets, but trap dirt much more easily within the fibers.


Pile density is one factor used to consider the overall quality of the carpet. Basically, the higher the density, the better the carpet is. High-density carpets not only feel more plush underfoot, but they are also more durable.


Pile cut is certainly one of the biggest factors that determines the look, feel, and longevity of your carpet. All carpet pile is manufactured originally as loop pile, which means the fibers are all attached to the backing as a loop. Loop pile is very durable and used often for creating patterns within the carpet. Due to its durability and versatility, loop pile is commonly used in commercial settings. Cut pile carpet, also known as plush carpet, is much more commonly used in households due to its softness and appearance. Cut pile looks and feels much more luxurious to the touch, but tends to attract more dirt.

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