carpet styles in westlake, OhioFrom household budget to home decor, picking the right carpet for your Westlake, OH, home involves many personal choices. Carpet qualities are defined by distinctions in weights and durability. Here we’ll look at some different characteristics of carpet to help you decide which style is best for your home.

Carpet Quality

Start your selection process by comparing which carpet quality best fits a given region of your home. When buying carpet, applying the following logic can help protect your investment:

· Good – Works well in bedrooms and other areas of minimal traffic.
· Better – Endures the heavier traffic flow in hallways, living rooms, and dining rooms.
· Best – Stands up in high traffic areas, such as stairs and living rooms.

Carpet Fiber

Never discount the value of great craftsmanship, but also understand the fiber used in construction of a carpet can be a good measurement of its performance. Consider the following four types of carpet fiber:

· Wool – The premium carpet fiber, wool is natural, soft, luxurious, wears well, is easy to clean, and hides dirt. It can also be combined with other fiber types in the same carpet.
· Nylon – Stain resistant, resilient, easy to clean, & durable.
· Polyester – Typically made from recycled plastic, polyester is colorfast, non-static, and easy to clean.
· Triexta – Resists fading and stains, easy to clean, typically less expensive than nylon.

Carpet Style

Carpet style is about appearance, feel, and durability. Considering these factors, along with your floor’s intended purpose and your budget, can help you decide on the best option for you.

1) Cut pile carpet offers a soft, dense texture. Created by cutting the loops to the same height, cut pile carpets serve as the primary style used in Westlake homes. Some cut pile carpet styles include cable, frieze, Saxony, and textured Saxony.

2) Loop pile carpet, often used for commercial carpet, offers buyers a choice between a textured or a smooth appearance. Typically crafted from olefin or nylon fibers, loop pile provides excellent durability even in commercial settings. The most popular style of residential loop pile carpet is Berber.

3) Cut & loop carpet, sometimes called “sculptured carpet,” provides many options in surface finishes. The product offers excellent durability and easily disguises wear and tear, as well as evidence of foot traffic and dirt.

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Photo: © pbombaert