rustic hardwood flooring Avon Lake, OHHand-scraped flooring is hardly a new technique, but it is in demand among home and business owners who want to give their space a unique, personalized look. Learn the facts of hand-scraped hardwood flooring to decide if this style is right for your Avon Lake home.

What Are Hand-Scraped Wood Floors?

This style of hardwood flooring dates back to the 1600s, when wood was scraped by hand out of necessity. Since there is renewed interest in distressed and rustic décor styles, hand-scraped hardwood flooring finds itself back in style for residential and commercial uses.

Many homeowners want that old-timey, vintage vibe that reclaimed wood brings to a space. Those who can afford to purchase reclaimed wood often do so. However, reclaimed wood is more expensive, and it can be difficult to source the right amount for your particular project. Hand-scraped flooring is ready in any amount needed, making it more convenient. True hand-scraped wood can be expensive because of the value of the human touch. Buyers on a budget can find less expensive manufactured alternatives that resemble the authentic hand-scraped varieties.

Hand-scraped hardwood floors come in both hard varieties, which have more visible markings, and softer varieties, where these markings are subtle. No two planks look exactly alike when choosing true hand-scraped wood. If these kinds of inconsistencies bother you, conventional hardwood flooring might be better for you. Pet owners in particular often like hand-scraped hardwood because the intentional marks can camouflage scratches from pet nails.

Disadvantages of Hand-Scraped Wood Floors

There are some downsides to this specific style of flooring. Hardwood can be a significant investment. Some people worry that installing hand-scraped wood floors will backfire when the style is no longer trending. If you want your hardwood floors to last through the decades, you may opt for a more traditional style. This type of hardwood flooring is more difficult to refinish, since it must be sanded down further due to the grooved nature. The extra time this takes means that your bill will be higher.

If you have a modern home, the rustic nature of this hardwood flooring can clash with the contemporary décor style. On the other hand, this style of flooring is a pragmatic choice for historic homes, especially when wider planks are used. By adding hand-scraped wood into an old home, you can restore the home’s glory while respecting its character.

Before you choose any flooring, it is a good idea to see samples in your home so you can see what it would really look like. Floor Coverings International Cleveland West offers free in-home estimates and design consultations in the Westlake, Avon Lake, & Avon, OH areas. Call today to schedule yours!


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