oak hardwood flooring Cleveland WestDid you know that red oak is the most popular species of hardwood for flooring in the United States? Homeowners choose this beautiful material because it’s durable and it looks great – but surprisingly, many of the people who love red oak don’t realize that it has a cousin that’s just as good (and in some ways even better).

We’re talking about white oak, of course! While both of these varieties of hardwood make excellent flooring for Cleveland West homes, the Floor Coverings International Cleveland West experts are here to explain a couple of key differences between red and white oak that will help you pick the best one for your lifestyle and design goals.

Durabilityred oak hardwood flooring Cleveland West

While both red oak and white oak are extremely reliable hardwoods for flooring, white oak is technically a little stronger. To really understand the difference in strength, you need to know a little about the Janka Hardness test. This test measures how dense hardwoods are by calculating how many pounds of force it takes to embed a small steel ball halfway into a standardized block of the wood. Red oak has an impressive Janka rating of 1290, but white oak is slightly superior with a rating of 1360. What should you take away from all this? Both types of oak will perform well in any room of your home, but if you have pets or heavy furniture, you might want to consider white oak for its heightened scratch and dent resistance.


white oak hardwood flooring Cleveland West

While it’s true that red and white oak don’t look the same, be careful before you make assumptions about their colors based on the names alone. White oak actually gets its name from the color of the bark and unfinished wood – and though it tends to be a little paler with a slightly yellow tint, white oak can still be stained in a wide variety of hues. Red oak ranges from soft pink to cherry red in its unfinished form, but can likewise be stained to bring out a diverse set of grain patterns and colors.

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