One of the great benefits of hardwood flooring is the ability to refinish its surface. This not only extends the life of your hardwood, but is also an affordable way to update your space without completely replacing the floor. At Floor Coverings International Cleveland West, our experts are here to help you take the right steps to get the most life out of your floors. Here are a few things to keep in mind when deciding to refinish your hardwood floors.


Refinish Hardwood Floors AvonAmount of Damage or Wear

The type and amount of refinishing needed depends on the amount of wear and tear your hardwoods have seen. Depending on how durable the finish is, scratches on your floors may not go all the way to the wood. For superficial scratches where sanding down to bare wood isn’t necessary, buffing (also known as screening) and a fresh recoat of finish can suffice. However, high-traffic areas such as hallways, entries, and living rooms, or places where scratches go down to the wood will more likely require a full sand and refinish. In cases where there is significant damage to the floor, individual boards or entire sections of wood may need replacing.


Wood Variety and Color

If you chose to stain your floors to a darker hue, be aware that the refinishing process could change the color of the wood, especially if sanding is necessary. It can be challenging to find a stain that matches perfectly, so keep a record of which stain you use if you are installing new hardwood floors. For hardwoods that do need a complete refinish, this is a great opportunity to consider changing the color your flooring. More exotic species or hardwoods with special finishes such as hand scraping will also need special attention to avoid changing or damaging the texture and characteristics of the wood during the refinishing process.


Regular Maintenance

Maintaining hardwood floors is not a daunting task, and regular cleaning and annual re-polishing will help extend your floor’s life significantly. Sweep or dust mop your floors several times a week and vacuum weekly to remove dirt buildup. Avoid wet mops and chemicals that can dull the finish or damage the wood. The use of area rugs and floor mats is also recommended to protect high traffic areas from debris and scratches.


We don’t recommend making refinishing your floors a DIY project, as you run the risk of significant damage if you try to do it without the right supplies, equipment, or knowledge. That’s where the floor specialists at Floor Coverings International Cleveland West come in. Call us today and let us help you bring your hardwood floors back to life.


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