Whether you are replacing an outdated floor or installing floors in a new home, you might wonder which flooring materials are trending, timeless, or outdated. At Floor Coverings International Cleveland West, we stay on top of each option available so you can get the most value from your floors. Take a look at these top flooring trends to try for your next project in your Avon Lake home.


Luxury Vinyl Flooring Avon Lake homeLuxury Vinyl

When you hear vinyl, you may think of the peel-and-stick patterned floors from the 80s. However, with top of the line printing, luxury vinyl tiles can emulate the intricate coloring, graining, and markings of elegant flooring styles such as stone and exotic hardwood. Vinyl is affordable, easy to maintain, and appropriate for all rooms of the house, making it a great way to try out a trend.



If you’re looking to hop on the eco-friendly trend train, cork is a perfect option for you. The cork is sustainably harvested from the bark of cork oak trees, which means trees are not cut down in the process and can continue to grow. Cork is springy underfoot, absorbent of sound, and durable in high-traffic areas. This will keep main areas of your home comfortable as well as quiet. Cork can be stained to fit the color scheme of your home, but the natural multi-hued markings are unique and beautiful, too.


Stone Tile Floors for Kitchen Avon LakeNatural Stone

Stone tiles bring an earthy and unique look to any home in Avon Lake. The elegant appearance of stone can elevate your design, while also ensuring durability to last for decades to come if well maintained. When polished, stone floors can look quite chic, but the natural honed look offers a lot of personality in a wide variety of colors and textures. The downside is, stone is still hard and chilly underfoot, so plan to add rugs for a more cozy feel or consider radiant floor heating to keep warm during chilly months.



Unsurprisingly, hardwood is the most timeless flooring choice for homeowners in both urban and rural homes. While hardwood will always be a part of the top trends, the style it comes in changes from year to year. In recent years, super-light and super-dark hardwoods have been more popular, as well as rustic looking distressed hardwood. With the endless array of styles available, you can find a hardwood to fit any interior aesthetic you may have in your home.


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Whatever your budget for replacement flooring, you’ll find something in these trendy flooring options that appeals to your design sensibility and complements your home’s style. The experts at Floor Coverings International Cleveland West are familiar with all the options available, as well as signs of a trend gaining popularity or fading out of the spotlight. Give us a call today to schedule a free design consultation!



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