Are you considering installing new hardwood floors in your home? You’ve come to the right place! Floor Coverings International Cleveland West provides an endless variety of wood styles that can add value, beauty, and durability to any room! We understand that there are a lot of decisions to be made from style to stain and we want to help! Let’s take a look at the different options when it comes to plank width so you can choose the best look for your home.

Narrow Hardwood Plank Width Avon Lake

The width you choose can impact the price you pay, your long-term satisfaction, and the appearance of your room. Learn more about your options and some tips that can help you make a satisfying choice.

These are some quick facts about options for the plank widths:

  • Plank widths: Plank widths can range from two to ten inches. You can choose to have every plank crafted to a uniform width, or you can choose random widths within a range. For example, you may choose random widths between four and six inches or between six and ten inches.
  • Width categories: In some cases, manufacturers label various ranges as narrow, standard, and wide. What you might recognize as a “standard” width is likely about 3-4 inches wide.

Manufacturers may differ somewhat on their definitions of different width categories. If you’re comparing hardwood floors from different companies, it’s important to understand what each one means by narrow, standard, wide, and random.

Why Consider Random Plank Widths?

Random widths add a little more complexity to measuring and installation. At the same time, they can give a room a more rustic and natural look. Choosing random widths also helps use more lumber from the trees, so some homeowners view it as a more eco-friendly choice.

Because it helps conserve resources and saves distributors the trouble of matching exact widths, they usually  charge somewhat less for random widths. Customers select random widths when they want a more natural, eco-friendly, and affordable product.

Mixed Width Planks Hardwood Floors Avon LakeNarrow Vs. Standard Vs. Wide Planks

A few years ago, lots of folks chose very narrow planks for their hardwood flooring. Tastes have changed, and more customers have been selecting wide planks lately. Since the planks are wider, the floor will have fewer seams and of course, there will be fewer planks to install. Also, wider planks can make a large room look even more spacious. In small rooms, narrow planks can make the space feel cramped, but they can have an elongating effect in a hallway or entry. Wide planks are also great for highlighting the wood style you choose. If you like the distinct, knotty look of hickory for example, wide planks could really put that on display.

Of course, tastes change every few years. Customers who want to please themselves but also make design choices that will hold up might consider buying standard planks. They have a classic appearance, tend to work well in most rooms, and will never go out of style.

Which Width of Hardwood Flooring Should You Choose?

The best way to figure out how new wood floors will look in your home is to view real samples against your existing décor. Book a free in-home consultation from one of our experts and we’ll bring our design showroom right to your door so you can take a look at any flooring style you might be considering! Ask for some samples to place on your existing floor to get an idea of the appearance of the finished floor. No matter what you choose, you’re likely to be delighted with your new flooring. Get started today and call our team! We proudly serve Westlake, Avon Lake, & Avon, OH, and beyond.

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