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If you’ve been to an office or school in your lifetime, then you’ve almost certainly seen carpet tiles. Carpet tiles (or carpet squares) have been popular for decades in all sorts of public buildings, but until recently, were rarely used in homes. These days, however, carpet tiles are a unique, versatile, and durable option that has become increasingly popular for use in homes throughout the Avon Lake, OH, community.

As opposed to wall-to-wall carpeting, carpet tiles are not a single huge floor of the carpet. Instead, they’re literally tiles of carpet that are fitted together and are either glued down or installed in a peel-and-stick fashion. This enables them to be installed over a practically endless variety of different surfaces, and should any damage occur, the offending tile can easily be removed and replaced.

Highly Durable

Carpet tiles’ durability is a principal reason for their popularity in business settings. Because they are usually comprised of short, firm loops of carpet fiber, carpet tiles are able to withstand environments with heavy furniture and heavy foot traffic. The same benefits can be found in residential use, but instead of the hard, lifeless carpeting you might have seen in the past, manufacturers have met the increased demand for carpet tiles by creating cut-pile carpet styles, so that they’re as attractive and soft as traditional carpeting.

Increased Versatility

Carpet tiles can now work brilliantly in every type of home. With countless available hues and styles, the tiles can be laid in unique patterns, providing homeowners with flooring options that have never been available before. An ambitious interior decorator can create patterns as diverse as chevron, herringbone, and even plaid.

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