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Carpet flooring has been and continues to be one of the most popular flooring materials in Avon and beyond. It's soft, warm feel adds comfort to a home, which can create a relaxing environment. One of the most popular types of carpet flooring is frieze carpet. Frieze is soft and warm as well as durable and practical, making it a great and versatile flooring choice.

The Difference Between Frieze & Shag Carpeting

Some people make the mistake of thinking frieze carpeting is the same as shag carpeting. They aren’t the same, but they do have similarities. Frieze is often referred to as the new and improved shag carpet. Unlike the extreme softness and noticeably long strands that give shag its reputation, frieze is generally constructed of thinner yarn and with more tightly twisted fibers than those of shag.

The high twist level makes frieze very durable and able to stand up to daily wear and tear. A significant difference between the two types of carpet is that frieze is a more conservative style than shag. Shag makes a bold statement in a room whereas frieze is more of a neutral style that can blend into a lot of different interiors.

Benefits of Frieze

Other than its durability, one of the most appealing qualities of frieze carpet is that it’s a trackless style. What this means is frieze hides footprints, vacuum tracks, and marks much better than other carpet styles. Its ability to hide tracks is largely due to its fibers that curl over at the top from the tight twists.

In addition to hiding marks, frieze is also good at concealing dirt and dust, which makes it a low-maintenance flooring type and ideal for high-traffic areas. It can generally be simply cleaned with regular vacuuming. Many frieze varieties are solid colors with multi-colored flecks mixed into the fibers. This is another feature that helps hide dirt and imperfections in the carpet.

Its durability, low maintenance, soft feel, and interesting visual pattern are just some of the reasons that make frieze a great carpet choice for Avon homes. If you’re having a hard time deciding what flooring choice is best for you, or if you have other questions about frieze carpet, call us today. We offer free design consultations and estimates in the Westlake, Avon Lake, & Avon, OH areas. We’ll bring the samples right to your door!

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