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If you’re planning on installing new carpeting for your home, there’s no reason to stop when you hit the stairs. Floor Coverings International of Avon Lake, OH, can complete the look of your home by installing stair carpeting as well. Stair runners are lengths of stair carpeting that are measured to cover most of the width of your stairs, so that they run down the length of your staircase, adding to your home’s sense of aesthetics and comfort.

Leading Providers of Stair Carpeting

We’ve noticed in recent years, stair carpeting seems to be growing in popularity among homeowners in Avon Lake, OH. Here are a few of the reasons you might find stair runners a great choice for home too.

  • They Feel Better — Carpeting simply feels more comfy than hardwood. If it’s a cold winter’s day, and you need to run downstairs for a snack, you’ll appreciate the difference when your bare feet hit the stairs.
  • Improved Safety — If you have a busy home with kids, you know how they love to run up and down the stairs at full speed. By adding carpeting to your stairs, the surface will become far softer, and there’ll be better traction, reducing the possibility of painful falls. The addition of carpeting makes for a quieter home as well by absorbing the impact of sprinting feet.
  • Home Decor — When you add stair runners, you’re tying the look of the entire home together. Because they’re available in just as many styles as traditional carpeting, they’ll always match the surrounding area with either similar or contrasting colors. There are options with the width as well. While many homeowners enjoy a wide strip for a luxurious effect, a narrow stair runner can lend the home a more modern feel.

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