Environmentally Friendly Flooring In Avon Lake, OH, And Surrounding Areas

Eco-friendly flooring materials that are safe for your home or commercial space.

Eco-Friendly Flooring Installation At Floor Coverings International Cleveland West

Your choice of flooring can have a significant impact on the environment, your health, and your overall well-being. When you opt for environmentally friendly flooring, you not only make a responsible choice but also enjoy the design and durability these materials offer. It's a small step that can lead to a more sustainable, healthier, and stylish living or working environment.

Choosing eco-friendly flooring like bamboo, cork, or recycled options not only means greener living but also means you get durable, stylish, and low-maintenance floors that promote a healthier indoor environment. It's a win-win for both sustainability and style, contributing to the global effort to reduce environmental impact. Floor Coverings International Cleveland West in Avon Lake carries a wide variety of fashionable eco-friendly flooring options that fit any space in your home or business.

Environmentally Friendly Flooring Options in Avon Lake, OH

An advantage of using environmentally friendly flooring is the number of options you can choose from. Many materials such as bamboo are a rapidly renewable resource, making it an excellent choice for homeowners. It's strong, durable, and comes in various styles to fit your design preference.

Another top flooring option is our recycled carpet. Recycled carpet doesn't compromise on quality. Many of our recycled carpet products are carefully inspected and processed to ensure they meet industry standards. This means you can enjoy a high-quality flooring option in a quicker amount of time. Eco-friendly flooring has many flooring options compared to our other luxury flooring materials.

Benefits Of Environmentally Friendly Flooring?

  • Help take care of our planet with your flooring choices
  • Many style options to be green and fulfill your design goals
    • Cork is durable and also very comfortable underfoot – it “gives” when compressed providing natural cushioning – perfect for kitchens
  • Bamboo flooring is very durable and provides a distinct, stylish look and feel

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Additional Environmentally Friendly Flooring Choices

Glass bottles are converted into beautiful glass tiles for flooring and backsplash options. This renewable source is a budget friendly solution for kitchens, bathrooms and other rooms in homes from coast to coast. Glass tile has similar benefits of other environmentally friendly materials, and is easy to care for as well. It won’t mildew or mold in damp environments and is non-absorbent, so it won’t stain.

Cork Flooring

Cork is a new addition to flooring and is harvested from the bark of the cork oak tree. Because the tree is not cut down, the bark grows back, making it an ideal renewable source. Cork floors have antimicrobial properties that reduce allergens in the home and are naturally a repellent for insects. It is fire-retardant and easy to maintain, and keeps clean as well as accepts paints and stains easily, so it goes with any design style or color scheme. Floor Coverings International®’s selection of cork floors can last between 10-30 years.

Bamboo Floors

Floor Coverings International® carries bamboo flooring, which is another flooring option that is gaining in popularity. Bamboo is a grass that is durable, easy to maintain and is easy for our team to install. It is a sustainable flooring product because bamboo grows to maturity in just a few years and can be harvested again quickly. Our Design Associates will help find the best bamboo flooring that works in your home regardless of decor.

Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum flooring is another environmentally friendly option because it is made from tree resins, wood flour, pigments, linseed oil, cork dust, and ground limestone. Since it contains cork, it has fire-retardant properties, and the linseed oil aids in its ability to repel water. Floor Coverings International® carries a large assortment of linoleum flooring and can present them to you from the comfort of your home through our Mobile Flooring Showroom®. Linoleum is becoming a popular option again because it is a green product and a sustainable environmentally friendly floor covering. An additional advantage to linoleum flooring is it's ability to last, holding up to a lot of wear and food traffic.

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