Plank Hardwood Flooring at Floor Coverings International in Avon Lake, OH

Here at Floor Coverings International Cleveland Westwe provide quality flooring in hundreds of different styles. Unsurprisingly, one of our favorites among the options is hardwood flooring, which is highly in demand in the greater Westlake, Avon Lake, & Avon, OH areas and beyond.

Within the world of hardwood, there are an endless variety of woods, stains, and looks for you to consider. Among these style choices is the width of your planks. Standard plank hardwood flooring is generally manufactured with a width of about three inches. However, current design are trends are changing and homeowners are opting for some more unique hardwood widths. Take a look at some bold options to elevate your aesthetic.

Wide Plank Hardwood

Wide planks are taking interior designs by storm. Homeowners love them because the added width allows you to highlight the natural beauty of whichever wood style you choose. For example, the natural color variation and knotting of a hickory can add a lot of intrigue and vibrancy to your space. Alternatively, a crisp, clean maple would really brighten your home and offer a neutral palette that can complement any accents you have. Whether you like wide planks for their natural charm or as a modern-meets-traditional update for your home, there’s sure to be a style that fits your preferences at Floor Coverings International Cleveland West.

Narrow Plank Hardwood

This skinny substitute to standard hardwood floors can really make a statement. The narrow boards can help make rooms feel longer and more dramatic. However, be careful not to overcrowd your design. Narrow planks have more seams and can give your space a cluttered effect if you have too many pieces of furniture on top of it. Keep things simple and let your floors be the centerpiece.

Mixed Width Hardwood

Ready for something really bold? Mixed width hardwood might be right for you! It is just what it sounds like – a mix of narrow, standard, and wide planks. You can use the same wood across the floor or combine a variety of styles to really mix up the shades, grain patterns, and uniformity. This can be a really fun way to decorate a living room or entryway and let your personality shine when you have guests over.

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