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Warm and attractive, white oak hardwood flooring can add an extra dose of elegance to any room in the house. It’s no surprise then that oak is the most popular type of hardwood flooring in the nation, accounting for over 50% of all hardwood flooring available today.

Some Facts About White Oak Flooring

Because it’s so popular, you’ve probably seen more white oak flooring than you realize. White oak has a higher Janka hardness rating than red oak and is used in a number of ways besides flooring. Whiskey barrels, for instance, are usually made of white oak. It’s a preferred choice for ship-making as well because it’s more resistant to mildew and rot than red oak.

In appearance, white oak consistently has an undertone that ranges from light to rich gray. It has a subtle grain pattern that’s preferred by most homeowners to red oak which has a more prominent grain look.

Style and Finish Options

There are several different choices you can make to customize white oak flooring to best suit your Avon Lake, OH, home. When it comes to decision-making time, our Floor Coverings International experts will walk you through the various type, plank width, and finishing options.

  • Types — We have both solid and engineered wood options for you to choose from. We also have laminate or luxury vinyl planks, designed to simulate white oak at a fraction of the cost.
  • Plank Width — The plank sizes that are available range from standard strips to more rustic, wider sizes as big as 12 inches.
  • Stain & Finish — White oak accepts stain very readily compared to most hardwoods, so you can choose either a clear varnish to show off its natural coloration, or something darker and more dramatic.

We Make Flooring Installation Easy

When it’s time to install your new white oak floors, you’ve got a lot of things to consider. Fortunately, the professionals at Floor Coverings International are here to walk you through every step so that the entire process is as easy to understand as possible.

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