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Natural stone tile is a popular choice for elegant accents in your home. This beautiful and durable natural material makes kitchen cleaning easy and will last for years to come. Here at Floor Coverings International Cleveland West, we understand that homeowners all have different tastes and budgets, and we want to cater your design opportunities to that! Whether you want full-room modern slate floors to transform your kitchen or simple marble backsplashes for your master bath, we can help you achieve your design dreams. Get started today by learning more about popular natural stone tiles.


Marble tile has been used for centuries in elegant and royal settings, and for good reason. The timeless and unique veins and splashes of color over the natural stone offer a lot to a space. It is commonly found in shades of white and grey, but depending on where it was quarried, it can have colorful hues mixed in from natural blues to deep purples. Marble in modern homes is often used as a backsplash, as its more porous and soft surface is susceptible to scratches and discoloration more easily if used as a kitchen countertop or floor that is exposed to a lot of pressure and cleaning. However, marble floors are attainable with the right care. Clean and polish your floors regularly and they will remain in good condition for years to come.


Travertine is a more traditional stone that you might recognize from the facade of Los Angeles’ Getty Museum or a certain famous Colosseum in Rome. The warm tan to rusty red hues of the stone complement a variety of aesthetics and it’s a popular choice for indoor/outdoor spaces like solariums, patios, and bathrooms. The porous surface adds a unique touch and we guarantee that no two travertine floors will look the same. Even with all its pores, it is incredibly durable and resistant to moisture. However, travertine tiles can come filled or natural depending on the preference of the homeowner. You can also opt for a honed and polished look for a smooth, uniform surface, or a tumbled surface that retains the natural inconsistencies and ridges of the stone.


Slate is the most popular of these stones for floors in modern homes. Slate tiles can be found in both slabs of consistent color and swirling mixes of shades. The more uniform looks are great for flooring in small spaces where you don’t want to add too much visual clutter to your design while a unique color mix can really spice up your kitchen. The surface of slate is incredibly tough and has a natural texture that makes it slip-resistant and safe for bathrooms or other environments exposed to moisture. Slate is typically darker and best for large spaces with a lot of natural light or bright features.


Granite and marble can often be mixed up, but granite is likely a better choice for your home if you’re considering a flooring project. Granite is far more durable than marble and much less porous, which makes it easier to care for as a flooring material. Granite is found in a wide variety of colors, usually deep, rich hues that add maturity and personality to your home. In modern style homes, consider granite floors to give that dark contrast against light-colored cabinetry or furniture for a bit of dramatic flair in interior design.

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