Wood-Look Tile in Avon Lake

It should come as no surprise that solid hardwood is most commonly sought after flooring style for homes in the greater Westlake, Avon Lake, & Avon, OH However, solid hardwood can often land outside of homeowners’ ideal budgets. For this reason, wood-look alternatives have been gaining popularity in recent years. Let’s take a look at why wood-look tile might be the perfect choice for you to get the look you want.

What Is Wood Look Tile Flooring?

There are all different kinds of flooring out there, so it’s important to make a distinction on this particular style. Wood look tile is actual tile made from ceramic or porcelain. It is just made to look surprisingly close to certain types of hardwood. Since it is man-made, you can get it in almost any size, shape or color. Wood look tile is not the same thing as luxury vinyl tile (LVT), which is vinyl cut into planks that are also made to look like wood. By comparison, wood look tile flooring has all the benefits of tile flooring, for luxury, durability and ease of maintenance.

Where to Put Wood Look Tile

If you’ve always wanted the luxurious look of wood in bathrooms or utility rooms but have been strayed away by the experts, the solution is wood-look tile. Rooms in the home that are prone to moisture accumulation, like the kitchen, bathroom or basement, may not be the best place for solid hardwood. Hardwood requires special care to maintain a relatively constant level of humidity, to stop the wood from expanding and contracting. Tile is ideal for these areas of the home, so you can choose wood look tile pretty much wherever you like.

Wood Look Tile Flooring Pros and Cons

Like any other tile, wood look tile flooring features all the benefits and possible disadvantages of ceramic or porcelain tile. The pros include:

  • Long-lasting flooring
  • Simple to clean
  • Works almost anywhere
  • Infinite customization options

However, you should keep in mind that tile is a unique flooring surface with its own potential problems, including:

  • Hard surface that can break items that fall on it
  • Delicate tiles may crack under force
  • Difficult to install

Deciding on the right kind of flooring for your space takes some careful consideration. Once you know your options, you might consider wood look tile flooring. You could get the wood styles you crave, with the greater flexibility that tile flooring affords you. Learn more at a free in-home design consultation with a flooring expert from Floor Coverings International Cleveland West. Call us today!