berber carpet in avon lakeBerber carpet is a “does-it-all” option that’s sure to please buyers here in the Avon, Avon Lake, and Westlake areas. Berber carpeting, which takes its name from the Berber people of North Africa and their traditional weaving style, packs good looks, stain resistance, and durability into one affordable package. Read on to learn more about Berber carpeting and what it can offer to your family.

All About Berber

As we mentioned above, Berber carpeting draws its name from the Berber people of Northern Africa. Berber carpeting is known for its knotted weave, which isn’t a cut-loop style like many other carpets on the market. While today’s Berber carpets come in a host of different colors and options, the most traditional and still prevalent Berber carpeting is a neutral carpet with flecks of darker coloring throughout it.

Pros and Cons of Berber Carpeting

Berber’s loop pile construction gives it a number of advantages over other carpeting types. Berber’s loops help make it naturally stain resistant. While cut-loop style carpets are popular, cut-loop carpets are much more likely to stain than loop pile carpets; their construction allows spills to sink more deeply into your carpet’s pile and possibly down to its padding.

Berber’s loop pile, rather than cut-loop, construction also comes in handy when it comes to your carpet’s cost. Cut loop construction carpets require another step in the manufacturing process. Looped carpets like Berber require fewer manufacturing costs, and that savings is then passed on to the consumer.

While there aren’t many “cons” to consider when it comes to installing Berber carpet, it is important to know that this carpeting type is not the best fit for pet owners. The loop pile construction that makes Berber so advantageous in other ways is often tempting to pets as a scratching post and has the potential to catch their nails in its loops. For homeowners without pets, though, Berber is a great choice for an affordable, durable, stylish, and stain resistant carpet.

Start Your Berber Carpeting Project Today

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Photo: PhIllStudio