Nothing quite gives you that “home sweet home” feeling like a soft carpet that you can sink your toes into. Plush carpets are especially luxurious after a long day when you just want to get comfortable. The unique nature of plush carpets means that they have their own maintenance, installation, and cleaning needs. Here’s everything you need to know about plush carpets for your Avon home.


Plush Carpet AvonMaintaining Plush Carpets

Clean up spills immediately. The comfort you love about plush carpet comes from the high pile fibers. However, this means that stains have ample space to sink deep into the carpet and permanently stain. Liquid spills that are absorbed by the fibers or carpet pad can also develop moldy patches. Not only does this result in a foul odor, but any young children or pets who spend most of the day with their hands on the ground could ingest harmful particles.


Expect vacuum marks. As opposed to other carpets, the density of plush carpets means footprints and vacuum tracks will show. To avoid irregular lines, vacuum in uniform directions during your weekly cleaning to keep the room looking orderly. You can also consider using plush in a room exposed to less foot traffic if the footprints or vacuum tracks will bother you.


Schedule an annual professional clean. Since plush carpets have high piles, it is easy for regular vacuuming to miss some buildup of dirt, dust, allergens, and other debris. Getting a professional steam cleaner to do the heavy lifting from time to time can extend the life of your plush carpet and leave it looking good as new.


Plush Carpet Cleveland Where to Install Plush Carpets

  • Plush will give you the ultimate comfort when it comes to flooring. Bedrooms, playrooms, and dens are a great spot to enjoy this cozy carpet.
  • Plush carpets aren’t ideal for high-traffic areas where food and drink spills are more likely to occur. If you don’t have the time or patience to clean your carpet every day, avoid the dining room or a small child’s bedroom.
  • Plush carpets are known to be crushed under heavy furniture and bear the marks for some time. It’s best to use this carpet style in a room where you aren’t planning to shuffle furniture around too often.


Plush carpets are incredibly comfortable, come in a wide variety of colors, and are a popular choice for Avon homes. However, it is important to understand the limitations and maintenance requirements for this flooring style.

To learn more about plush carpet and view samples for your own home, give us a call. Floor Coverings International Cleveland West offers free in-home consultations and estimates in Westlake, Avon Lake, & Avon, OH, and beyond!



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