There are a variety of hardwood styles for you to choose from when planning a project in your Avon Lake home. A few factors to consider would be the durability, the grain, and the aesthetic. Depending on the type of room you’re looking to re-floor, the everyday lifestyle in your home, and the look you’re trying to create, the experts at Floor Coverings International Cleveland West can help narrow down the perfect hardwood style for you.

One hardwood you can trust to bring lasting style and durability to your home is birch. Let’s take a look at the features that make it such a desirable hardwood.


Birch Hardwood FlooringA Bit About Birch

Birch hardwood is often used as an alternative to maple and oak floors because it has similar hues and natural highlights. It maintains the durability and texture of other hardwood types with a wider color variation and more pronounced internal contrast that has the ability to match many decorative styles.


Different Types of Birch

There are different types of birch that may be used for varied purposes. Here are a few of the most common types and uses.

As the lightest and softest type of birch hardwood, paper birch is used for decorative areas of an interior design that draw less foot traffic. It is also used as a decorative veneer. Yellow birch is often used in kitchens because of its similarities with oak. Red birch is a variation of yellow birch that is used to give an even richer look with its rusty hues. Sweet birch, the hardest type of common birch woods, is most often used for the main, busy areas of a home to get that timeless, beautiful look, while also being durable enough to resist scratches and strains from heavy foot traffic.


The Pros of Birch Hardwood

  • Birch has a natural irregularity in its color and texture that offers a very visually intriguing look that will make your floor stand out.
  • While paper birch is on the softer side, yellow birch has a Janka score of 1260, which is on par with the most popular wood species, red and white oak. Sweet birch has a Janka score of 1470 and easily stands up to busy households.
  • Birch can be much less expensive than other hardwood varieties and brings a lot of value to a home, especially when considering the choices that birch offers designers.


The Cons of Birch Hardwood

  • Birch hardwood is slightly more coarse than its alternatives, such as maplewood. This means that it won’t have as smooth, natural look. However, this rustic aesthetic has been growing in popularity for homeowners.
  • Birch does not stain as well as other types of wood, especially if you are interested in dark stains. The wood may become blotchy if not done properly, so we recommend trusting a professional to stain the wood for you.
  • While the color variation and warm tones of birch are popular right now, the distinct style may not be trendy forever. If you are looking for a more timeless wood, consider oak or cherry.


For more information about birch hardwood or completing a reflooring project in your home, give us a call! We offer free in-home design consultations and estimates to Westlake, Avon Lake, & Avon, OH!



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