mahogany hardwood floors in Avon LakeMahogany hardwood floors have long been a favorite among homeowners in the Westlake, Avon Lake, & Avon, OH area. It’s historically favored as a sophisticated material that brings classic and old world elegance to a space. Mahogany is used for furnishings as well, which can add to this aesthetic, as it has an association with quality antique. Read on as Floor Coverings International Cleveland West dives deeper into mahogany hardwood flooring.

Mahogany Characteristics

Real mahogany, which was originally harvested in the Caribbean, has actually been over-harvested. Some countries have banned its production because of the loss of mahogany forests. However, there are still other types of mahogany that can be used, including processed African mahogany and engineered mahogany. Even modern engineered varieties or laminate mahoganies are going to last nearly as long and look just as beautiful as the real thing. Mahogany is a very strong and durable wood, which allows it to last for many years, even in Avon homes that experience heavy foot traffic. One popular variety, Santos mahogany, has a Janka hardness rating of 2200. To give some perspective, white oak hardwood has a hardness of 1360. Santos mahogany falls behind Brazilian cherry as the second most popular exotic wood floor.

Design Tips for Mahogany Floors

Mahogany flooring, especially Santos mahogany, is typically a medium-brown tone throughout with other hues that can range from orange to dark brown. Mahogany wood also gets darker and richer over time and with sun exposure. Its classic appeal and attractive color variation allows mahogany to blend well with a variety of Avon Lake interiors. Pairing your mahogany flooring with warm colored walls can complement the wood’s natural glow. You can also contrast the richness of the floor by using brighter pops of color or white and light cream-colored fixtures in your décor. There are many different design possibilities when working with mahogany hardwood flooring.

If you want to learn more about this beautiful and durable wood floor option, contact your local experts at Floor Coverings International Cleveland West today, and schedule a free in-home design consultation!


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