Your people did a fine job of refinishing my porch floor -- it's beautiful! You stayed in touch with me in the time between the contract signing and when the work was scheduled. Your people arrived as scheduled and finished on time, and cleaned up the work site before they left.
Roger Rose
Bryan Richardson is the man
Charter Construction
Even though there were some issues with my flooring, Jeff was amazing in making sure that things got corrected and made right! Also, I can't say enough about the ladies in the office, they are extraordinary! That is the reason I would recommend Floor Coverings Int of Cherry Hill. My floor turned out great and we are very happy with the results.
Linda Walters
. The men were prompt and efficient. The end result of the work was impressive. We were very satisfied and would definitely hire them again.
Vienna Mooney
Service, Trustworthy, Fair
Theresa Souers ( 1532 Lunn ct )
Good quality products, work well done, friendly and knowledgeable staff, happy with the new floor.
Roberto Roman
The people are great, the job was great also.
Robert Estes
Style and quality
Christina Ball
Installers came within a half hour of their expected arrival ( franchise owner called to explain the delay). Installers were polite, professional did not interrupt our Spectrum phone or WiFi service while here and moved furniture back in place. They understood our wish to switch two pieces of furniture in an office and did as we requested. Finished product looks excellent and was a necessary replacement for carpet that was 15 years old and very dirty.
Mark & Karen Rodin
I scored you 0. Follow up from your company after the sale was non-existent. We waited a week or two for you to call to set the appointment and finally had to call you about it. I got the impression that you would never have followed up if I had not called. Our agreement was for you to move 2 couches, chair, bookcase, and table in order to stretch the carpet in our family room. You charged me $250 to move the furniture. Your men only moved 1 section of a 3 section couch. No other furniture was moved from the room. The table was moved only about 2 feet and was not removed from the room. The bookcase is actually a nicknack display case. In preparation for the repair, my wife had to spend a great deal of time emptying the case so it could be moved - all for naught. Your rep obviously misjudged how much furniture needed to be moved - very unprofessional. As for the actual carpet repair, the charge was the minimum carpet charge of $200. I was fully satisfied with the work performed. The two men who did the work were very polite, courteous, and professional. They both deserve a pat on the back. They are a credit to your company. However, they arrived at our home unannounced. No one from your firm contacted us to coordinate the actual date and time for the repair appointment. My wife and I were not prepared for their arrival when they rang the doorbell. I looked outside and saw them, but since we were not expecting anyone I assumed they were door-to-door solicitors and did not answer the bell. They went back to their car and I saw them take out a phone. When my phone rang I answered and discovered who they were. This experience with your company led me to believe that you are very poorly organized and unprofessional overall, the men who did the actual work, however, are the single exception.
Carl Olsen